September 2017 - Exponent Philanthropy

September 2017 Resources

Catherine Gura

Serving as a convener and cultivator of networks and collaborations is one of our priorities as a foundation. We look to bring together organizational leaders to build consensus for action around key issues facing those within the special needs community. We believe that this work leverages and enhances our grant funding and allows us to... Read More

Lois Savage

Since its inception almost 17 years ago, The Lodestar Foundation has supported nonprofits in their efforts to both explore the feasibility of creating long-term collaborations and to create such collaborations. Over the years, I have learned several important lessons from our work. First, it doesn’t take a lot of money to support a collaboration, and... Read More

Greg Cantori (TRY IT!…)

TRY IT! We didn’t need any special staffing or training. We are finding the process to be the most rewarding of all our charitable activities because we are meeting the grantees where they are now: in great need. PRIs allow foundations to add a powerful tool to their funding belt. Read More

Alex Carter

General operating support permits nonprofits to grow, to attract and retain stellar talent, and to weather stormy economic times. Grantmakers hesitant about gen op support should consider allocating a portion of their giving to get their feet wet. I think they’ll find they can structure grant agreements that will provide their nonprofit partners with needed... Read More

Marybeth Lernihan

Year after year, our volunteer committees of members select outstanding [nonprofit] organizations to be finalists [for grants]. The opportunity to listen to the finalist’s passionate presentations and learn about the issues they are addressing, and the work they are doing in our community, is extremely valuable to me. Read More