July 2018 - Exponent Philanthropy

July 2018 Resources

Small-Staffed Funders Can and Do Influence Policy and Engage Voters: New Toolkits

To help more foundations get involved with policymaking, candidate education, and voter engagement, Nonprofit VOTE worked with the Council on Foundations and Independent Sector to create resources that would illustrate best practices and put to rest concerns. The result is The Voter Engagement Toolkit for Private Foundations and The Voter Engagement Toolkit for Community Foundations.... Read More

Free to Fee: Help Your Nonprofit Partners Generate Earned Income

Imagine the benefit to society—and to funders—if nonprofits generated income, operating with the efficient, effective practices that are necessary to do so? Stronger operating models. More money to drive mission. More people served. More philanthropic dollars available in the community. This has been our experience after working with nonprofit organizations on plans to generate mission-related... Read More

Much More Than Money – The Impact of Small Rural Foundations

When most people think of foundations, they think of deep pockets. That’s understandable, since the popular public perception of philanthropy has been shaped by the creation of multimillion-dollar foundations by titans of old, and enforced by the glamour of new foundations launched to much fanfare by today’s billionaires. In rural communities, the creation of big-dollar... Read More

Increase Foundation Cash Flow, Conservatively

Kelly is a foundation trustee who, during a recent review of the foundation’s investment portfolio, learned that income generated by the portfolio was not enough to fund the foundation’s charitable activities—the required 5% annual distribution. Although the portfolio’s returns were good, cash flow was an issue. Kelly wondered about a conservative way to generate cash... Read More