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What’s the board-building cycle?

Healthy foundation boards do all of the following to reinvigorate themselves—each step feeding into the others: Identify—Determine what your board needs (e.g., skills, knowledge, perspective, connections; diversity of age, gender, ethnicity, or other demographic factors) and those sources that can direct you to potential trustees possessing the characteristics your board is seeking. Cultivate—Build an inclusive... Read More

Why should I consider focusing my giving?

Consider these compelling reasons for choosing a focus or two: A focus directs your time and allows you to develop expertise. Boards and staff have limited time; use it wisely by focusing their efforts. A focus allows your key players to know the issues and grantees more intimately and to strategically apply their knowledge, reputations, and... Read More

What types of benefits do foundations typically give to staff?

According to the most recent Foundation Operations and Management Survey, the vast majority (97%) of participating foundations provided benefits for full-time staff. In addition, about three-quarters (73%) of foundations provided some benefits to part-time staff working 20 to 29 hours per week. Furthermore, more than half (58%) provided some benefits to part-time staff working 1... Read More

How can I ensure that my foundation’s travel expenses remain “reasonable and necessary”?

Exponent Philanthropy recommends all foundations create a clear travel and expense reimbursement policy that achieves the following:  Advises trustees and staff to choose cost-effective travel options. The law requires that these expenses not be “lavish or extravagant.”  Describes the activities for which related travel may be reimbursed and any limits on quantity of travel per... Read More