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We’re considering setting up a scholarship program. Got any tips?

Private foundations that want to have a scholarship program—and do the work of publicizing the program, reviewing applications, choosing winners, and monitoring awards—must get prior approval from the Internal Revenue Service. This one-time review ensures that you award scholarships (or other grants for study, travel, or similar purposes) in an objective, nondiscriminatory way. Without IRS... Read More

Why should I address succession now?

Succession tops the list of what keeps foundations up at night, yet many are reluctant to tackle the issue. Addressing succession early on has a number of benefits: It’s important to pass organizational strengths to future leaders while senior board members are still active. Disputes over mission, the pressure of geographic dispersal, uneven competencies and... Read More

What assets do small-staffed funders bring to policy work?

Small-staffed funders draw on many assets besides money to advance issues in the policy arena: Human assets. Consider the creativity, passion and resourcefulness of founders, trustees, family and staff. Freedom to focus on an issue and persevere over the long term. Philanthropists have the freedom to “go deep” on an issue and commit. Most problems... Read More