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Would my foundation benefit from a grants management system?

Grants Management Initial Questions The first step toward determining if your foundation will benefit from a grants management system requires discussing your priorities and parameters:  What does your foundation want to track? Exponent Philanthropy members tend to track some or all of the following: Contact information for grant applicants and recipients (organizational and individual) Basic... Read More

How do board policies work?

Board policies work in tandem with a foundation’s bylaws or trust document to create the foundation’s structure. Bylaws or the trust document are legally binding and based in state law; policies are also considered binding, but they are less likely to be backed by force of law and are easier to amend (e.g., usually by... Read More

Foundation administrative expenses; what’s important to know?

From a tax law perspective, a private foundation may pay “reasonable and necessary” administrative expenses. These also count toward its annual distribution requirement, without subjecting the foundation or its managers to a penalty tax. Administrative expenses must be (a) related to the accomplishment of the foundation’s charitable purposes, (b) related to its investments, or (c)... Read More