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Greatest Hits

Our highly-rated publication for members provides a wealth of information and inspiration in one easy read. In this issue: Essentials for Creating Grant Guidelines A Call for Catalytic Leadership in Philanthropy Is This Self-Dealing? Three Quick Questions to Ask 7 Types of Successful Philanthropists How Racial Equity Supports Better Grantmaking Practices Grantmaking for Equity: Essential,... Read More

How Can Lean Funders Proactively Advance Racial Equity? Don’t Go It Alone

In recent years, efforts to incorporate antiracism into philanthropic work have surged. But what does this mean for lean funders who may not have the capacity to launch major initiatives? At Brady Education Foundation, we focus on addressing disparities in educational opportunities associated with race, ethnicity, and family income. Our mission is clearly aligned with... Read More

Moving Towards Racial Equity in Philanthropy: Developing a Shared Language

Philanthropy relies on the amassed wealth of families and institutions that have benefited from systemic racism. As a result, the institution has a power imbalance in where funds go and what organizations and initiatives receive support. Developing a deeper understanding of institutional racism in the United States can help lean funders dismantle the harmful practices... Read More

2023 Racial Equity in Lean Foundations

Incorporating Allyship Into Your Philanthropy Using interviews with lean funders and foundations and data from the Foundation Operations and Management Report and other surveys, this report focuses on the relevance of racial equity to our members’ missions and board and staff demographics. It shows how racial equity relates to good governance, grantmaking, and investment practices,... Read More

Mind the Gap: Reflection Questions & Implementation Ideas

Exploring the Role of Diversity and Racial Equity in Leanly Staffed Foundations Racial equity is an essential part of philanthropy, and lean funders are increasingly focused on it, yet foundation boards and staff are still disproportionately White. The two primary factors holding back philanthropy’s efforts to help advance social change are rooted in race: Understanding... Read More