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Working Collaboratively in Philanthropy

Working collaboratively in philanthropy is a powerful tool for funders. Philanthropic collaboration can enhance organizational capacity, keeping lone organizations strong and sustainable over time. Similarly, in a sector where organizations often duplicate services, collaboration can streamline efforts and produce better results. Below are ways funders can support nonprofit collaboration as well as collaborate with other... Read More

Foundations on the Hill: Understand and Participate in the Political Process

Policymakers never stop working, so it’s always the right time to engage legislators and officials. Your presence ensures policymakers hear your concerns, while absence might lead to them overlooking your issues. Foundations and their trustees tend to opt out of meeting with elected officials. But not only do policymakers need to hear from philanthropists, they... Read More

Connect More: How Lean Funders Develop Knowledge and Relationships to Catalyze Change on Priority Issues

How can foundation leaders best advance their focus areas? By developing extensive knowledge and insight. Leanly-staffed foundations hold a wealth of diverse connections with people in their communities, and they can leverage these relationships to gain knowledge and expertise. Insight helps these leaders identify gaps and solutions and address key issues in the smartest ways.... Read More

Bringing People Together: How Convening Can Make a Big Difference

Have you ever wondered how getting a bunch of people in one room or space could be a game-changer? Well, convening folks with a common goal is powerful. Given their freedom and flexibility to make things happen fast, lean funders are excellent conveners. Yet, many consider this straightforward tool a funder’s most underrated. The Power... Read More