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Governance Best Practices for Foundation Boards

Board Members as Responsible Stewards This article originally appeared in Glenmede’s “Perspectives.” Good governance is at the core of an effective board, no matter the size or complexity of the grantmaking foundation. Sound governance practices help board members be responsible stewards of the assets they oversee and establish a strategic decision-making and administrative framework. Best... Read More

Combating Climate Change With Your Foundation’s Investment Portfolio

Investing in companies that are adapting, transitioning and innovating around climate change can be an important part of mitigating some of its most harmful effects. At the same time, it might also help your foundation meet its financial goals: research increasingly suggests that on average, corporations with stronger environmental policies may also exhibit stronger corporate... Read More

3 Steps Your Foundation Can Take To Tackle Systemic Racism

While charitable foundations regularly leverage grantmaking to advance their missions, the potential impact of their investments is not always similarly scrutinized. To begin exploring your foundation’s effect on BIPOC (Black, Indigenous, People of Color) communities in the U.S., here are three questions you should ask your investment manager: 1. Who Is Managing My Portfolio’s Underlying... Read More