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What types of insurance do foundations typically carry?

In today’s litigious society, anyone—including your foundation and the individuals associated with it—may be the target of a lawsuit. Although state and federal laws may provide some protection for your board members and volunteers, this immunity will extend to your organization in only a few states. These laws often contain no protection for legal expenses,... Read More

Can you suggest creative retirement or transition packages for a long-serving foundation CEO?

Exponent Philanthropy Board Member and Foundation Consultant Jeff Glebocki of Strategy+Action Philanthropy recently assisted a small-staffed, private foundation in a planned leadership transition of its chief executive who had a tenure of 20-plus years. To get a sense of how other foundations approached creative retirement/transition packages for long-serving foundation chief executives, he posted a listserv... Read More

What information do I have to disclose to the public?

As a private foundation, you are required to make the following documents available to the public: Form 990-PF, the annual information return filed with the Internal Revenue Service (IRS), for the 3 most recent years Form 1023, the application for federal tax-exempt status (and all related correspondence with the IRS) Form 990-T, the unrelated business... Read More