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As a new trustee, where can I learn about foundation investing?

You are wise to want to get up to speed on your foundation’s investment goals and strategies. Even though your foundation may have enlisted trusted financial advisors or skilled board members to manage the foundation’s investments, you cannot rely on the experts alone. As fiduciaries, foundation trustees are stewards of someone else’s money—in this case the... Read More

What does it mean to right-size your grant requirements?

Right-sizing means tailoring what you require of grantseekers and grantees to apply for and report on grants so that the requirements are proportionate to the size of grant, appropriate to the type of grant, and reflective of any existing relationship with the grantee. In short, right-sizing considers the notion of net grants, that is, the grant dollars received... Read More

How do small funders monitor international grantees?

Although travel costs may prohibit international site visits, many alternatives exist that make due diligence and grant tracking affordable and effective. Intermediary organizations, which are U.S.-based public charities with contacts abroad, focus on providing domestic donors with photos, videos, and electronic reports that keep them in the know from across the globe. Peer funders also... Read More