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More Lean Funders Should Consider General Operating Support

When funders give general operating support, they help sustain a nonprofit’s mission rather than specific projects. Nonprofits can use these funds to improve their organization in any way they choose, such as adjusting salaries, investing in technology, or improving fundraising efforts. Foundations with few or no staff are especially good at offering this support because... Read More

Essentials Greatest Hits Cover

Greatest Hits

Our highly-rated publication for members provides a wealth of information and inspiration in one easy read. In this issue: Essentials for Creating Grant Guidelines A Call for Catalytic Leadership in Philanthropy Is This Self-Dealing? Three Quick Questions to Ask 7 Types of Successful Philanthropists How Racial Equity Supports Better Grantmaking Practices Grantmaking for Equity: Essential,... Read More

Creating a Cost-Effective Grant Management System

You are not alone if you feel stuck administering grants for your small-staffed foundation using sticky notes, whiteboards, or spreadsheets. For many lean foundations, the high costs of implementing and maintaining a purpose-built grant management system (GMS) can be prohibitive. However, by leveraging the nonprofit license donation programs from industry-leading technology providers, you can create... Read More