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We want to focus our grantmaking in hopes of having more impact, but how? There are so many competing needs and interests.

There is no one right way to settle on a focus, and many foundations use a combination of the methods. Here are 7 ways to find your focus, courtesy of Exponent Philanthropy members. Our online resources include many other articles and publications on the topic of focused giving. It’s important to recognize that settling on... Read More

Do you recommend that our small foundation board (just 5 members) create an investment committee to monitor performance?

Even small foundation boards can benefit from developing an investment committee with just a few members, so it is clear who is leading the charge. Investment committees are also helpful in providing a clear mandate to outside managers and consultants. Read more about investment committees, including tips on selecting members and holding meetings. You may... Read More

Our newest trustee is encouraging our foundation to be more public about our interests and grants. Can you suggest small ways to start?

Some philanthropists decide to operate in the public realm early on. Others go public at some point over time, often when they feel compelled to act. However it emerges, going public can be a pivotal transition point and a bold act of leadership. We gathered a list of big and small ways funders go public... Read More