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Why can’t our family business rent space to our foundation at below market rates?

Although it may seem counterintuitive, a family business renting space to the family’s private foundation, even at below market rates, is considered an act of self-dealing, unless the space is leased to the foundation for free. Self-dealing involves a complicated set of rules to prevent most transactions between private foundations and their insiders, known as... Read More

Can our family foundation use foundation funds to produce a biography of our founder?

Yes. Founder biographies are often written to inspire other donors to get involved in a community or cause, philanthropically or otherwise. The biography should be seen as an opportunity to educate the public about the founder’s philanthropy, focusing on the individual’s service to a community or cause. Its focus can extend beyond foundation activities—for example,... Read More

I want our board to assess how we’re functioning, and I’m looking for a checklist or resource to guide the discussion.

Our Trustee Handbook lists characteristics of effective foundation boards, which you might find helpful: The board has a well-defined board governance system with rules and processes that allow it to function efficiently and effectively. Board members are fully acquainted with the purposes, goals, history, and potential of the foundation they govern. Board members are united... Read More

How do other foundations define financial need for the purpose of scholarships? Do state savings programs come into play?

We posted this question in our online Member Discussion Community, where members are always welcome to ask questions, share successes, and respond to fellow members. Here are the responses: Response 1 We provide scholarships to high school students and struggle with the same issue. Our approaches have evolved over the years. Eligibility for our scholarship... Read More